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SERPShip has been providing white hat seo solutions for more than 5 years now. When we started SERPShip 5 years ago – it was a tiny little PBN with a few hundred properties. As it grew into the giant, THOUSANDS-OF-PROPERTIES strong blog synergy network you enjoy on your money sites today – so did our desire to create more in-house solutions for long-term rankings and results.

All our services and future services are built in-house, from our own extensive knowledge. We are here to help you crush your competition and deliver results.

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Tired of dealing with ugly PBN´s & rookie link builders?If you’re nodding your head yes, you’ll want to read a little story I’ve prepared just for you.

Modern, content-rich LOCAL lead generation sites that you can actually RANK.Made for you from scratch and customized to your brand and geo-location.

BE CERTAIN that your business (or your client’s business) is visible on Google.MB submissions may be easy to learn, but they’re hard to master… unless you use our service.

High Quality Business Citations That Actually Work In 4 Steps!SERPShip helps SEOers crush the competition by delivering high-quality CUSTOM citations.

Here's What Industry Leaders Say About SERPShip

The description of SERPShip service was something I found very interesting, and so I was really looking forward to reviewing the service. So, lets get into it : 4/5 of the domains had real, verified pagerank, one domain was even a PR5!Average DA 30, up to 40. The archive of these domains are perfectly clean. In fact these domains are that good, I'm almost positive that some of these are real business websites, or old websites, and if they aren't then it's the best PBN I've ever seen! This will increase your rankings, and I'm 100% sure these domains would pass a manual, and algorithmic review. Definitely recommend to all.

FutureProofSeo, NaturalNetworks

I have to say I'm quite impressed. I was expecting the same spun BS quality articles you get from 99% of other BST's but John delivered believable content. Articles varied pretty largely in length, and could be read through 100% accurately. Yes, no spun, low quality articles here from what I can see. The websites' metrics looked great, and the websites themselves looked real. More real than quite a few real websites I've seen through Google. Real, careful work was put in by John to make a convincing great quality network. Kudos for the great links, and good luck with more sales! You deserve them! Your network is fantastic.

Verilix, BHW Forum Member

I received my report a few days ago, and there was a problem with 2 of my links, and OP rectify it within a few minutes after contacting him. And the quality of the sites are 1 in a million.This is not your typical PBN sites, this are real sites! Some of them have DA of 65+! And about my ranking, the site i linked to are now moving up the SERPs, one of the keyword moved from Page 5 (56) to Page 2 (14). I'm hoping that in the next coming weeks, my keywords will all be in the first page - That is where the money are!

T2TKid, Amazon Expert

SERPShip is wonderful. Links are placed in articles and websites appear like real powersites. PR is produced by 3-5 and metrics are really very good. You will notice that SERPShip is cautiously constructing these sites. Overall 10/ 10 ratings with such good services. Highly recommended!

BlackPayMan, SEOInch

Just received my report from SERPShip, awesome articles and sites, everything seems top notch. I really recommend SERPShip to everyone who needs a good set of links.

Andrew, BrandBuilders

Got some Posts, Pretty Amazing Turn Around (aprox 24 hours) - which is really blazing fast! Good communication, fast replies via PM and on skype.

Howard Hughes, SocialBox

Just got a set of links from John. The turn around time was VERY fast and he very helpful with the questions that I had. In the PM that I sent him, the links got shortened and needed to be fixed. John was quick to help update the links and get them live. The sites themselves have decent pagerank and look great. Recommend this if you are looking to pick up some PBN links!

RightInTwo, LinkRemovalGuide

I just received the report from John (I was selected as part of review) -- Went through the report, checked site metrics, contents and other few things and this is pretty high quality PBN. Site looks authority and content was good quality level. Will leave my depth review, as soon as I see the ranking movement (I am sure, these links surely gonna to give some good improvement to my site kws in SERP soon)

SEOSPERM, Marketing Expert

All I can say that John's PBN is great. Links are well placed within articles and websites look like a real authority sites.PR is from 3-5 and metrics are very good.You can see that John was carefully building his PBN.


SERPShip is unreal. Period. You can rank for medium competition keywords with SERPShip alone. John P has a huge inventory of saliva invoking sites. Wondering about footprints, de-indexation, uniqueness, penalties? Are you mad? Those words are what you associate other generic PBNs with, NOT SERPShip. I've spent thousands of dollars with John on these links and I couldn't be more glad that I did. Best bang for the buck of any kind of links, ever. Overall, if you're looking to buy strong, safe, epic links without emptying your pockets, get on the SERPShip boat.

Crystal Cole

SERPShip is one of the best services I've seen. Gigantic blog network with tons of different niches and very good stats. I've bought the 10 links package purely to see what kind of links I get. So far they've been amazing! I'll be picking up a ton more very soon. Most of the sites have very low OBL, all of them have homepage links and the sites themselves are all niche relevant. Quality service especially for the price.

Charles Floate, GodOfSeo

A little about this - these aren't default 2012 Wordpresses. One of the worst things i have with other providers is you can tell that they didn't take the time to even put up a custom theme, which is a true sign of laziness. Every site here has a unique design with no interlinking footprints at any level. These are high PR domains, aged domains, and all have their own unique power to them.If you can't build your own PBN, go with people you trust. I've trusted my domains and rankings with SERPShip for years.

CCarter, SerpWoo

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