How SERPShip Came To Inception
(or 'What the heck happened to Ranknest?")

When we started Ranknest 4 years ago - it was a tiny little PBN with a few hundred properties. As it grew into the giant, THOUSANDS-OF-PROPERTIES-strong blog synergy network you enjoy on your moneysites today - so did our desire to create more in-house solutions for long-term rankings and results. We understood that:

1. SEOers using publically available SEO solutions are always going to be on the same level as their competition. Unless one lucks out by buying MORE of the same resources, or having slightly better content - there's no secretsauce winning advantage. Everyone is bathing in the same river expecting to be cleaner than their neighbor.

2. SEO is 20% math and 80% common sense. Google isn't the casino from that movie "21" with Kevin Spacey where you can algorithmically "cardcount" your way to the top SERPs for your niche. Google originally wanted you to have backlinks from peer websites in the niche "voting" that your website has the best quality of information that 100 random niche searchers would learn from. That's about it. All the useless "multi-tiering" in the world won't increase your SERPs if the natural progression flow of the tiers doesn't make any sense. "High stat Trust Factor and Citation Flow" metrics are based around simple-math algorithms to sell subscriptions because Google does not give its data to anyone. ALL OF THIS CROSSINFORMATION AND MISINFORMATION IS CREATED TO SELL YOU ANOTHER SERVICE - not to rank you a little higher for your city's SEO consultant keywords.

We keep it simple, we keep it effective - and we show results.
Google had a dream for SEO when it started - and keeping true to that dream
allows us to get the best results for our customers.

As we grew to include new services and strategies - we realized we need to re-brand because Ranknest is known as a massive blog synergy network. I mean, Google it. Therefore - SERPShip was formed, to house our COMPLETE list of solutions and give us a new headquarters.

It was just a website for a service. SERPShip is a complete resource website for newbie and expert SEOers. You can learn what strategies work for ranking currently, and have all the resources to fulfill them - in one spot.

And that's why Ranknest is now SERPShip 🙂