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Google would love to do away with link spam, buying backlinks, and building backlinks, but they just can’t do it.  That’s why they’ve worked on updating their algorithms throughout the years, in an effort to identify people that are manipulating their search results. One thing that has remained common throughout all of the algorithm updates is the fact that backlinks are one of the biggest ranking factors that Google uses to determine who shows up at the top of their search results. Look through how the algorithms have evolved over the years, and you’ll get a clear picture on what Google has attempted to do

Depending on where you’re at in your SEO career, and the size of the budget you have available to split between your content and your links, some of you reading this are going to spend more of your time manually building links than you will spend money on buying links. A lot of people still question the viability of buying backlinks and how the major SEO players are able to do it while still turning a profit.  The answer is simple: each link they buy helps them increase rankings across the board, which increases signups and sales. When you do finally realize the power of

In September, Google finally rolled out the latest Penguin update, dubbed Penguin 4.0. With it came major changes to the algorithm and how they rank websites, while working to penalize websites that use “blackhat” methods for building backlinks, and that manipulate the search results. To understand Penguin 4.0, take a trip down memory lane and look at the previous Penguin updates.  It will help you understand what you need to be doing (and avoiding) going forward, if you want to keep sucking in that coveted search engine traffic like a vacuum cleaner. April 24, 2016: Penguin 1.0 In the first Penguin update, Google came forward and stated

The Google propaganda machine has run rampant over the last few years, with them claiming that “building backlinks” violates the Google Terms Of Service, and can have your website penalized or deindexed. I’m going to tell you right now that it’s all just that -- propaganda.  The reason Google has come out and stated that these types of links violate their Terms of Service are because they cannot accurately determine which links are good and which links are bad. They do have algorithms in place to judge the quality of backlinks, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they can actually tell a good link from a

If you want temporary rankings and income, rush out to any link selling and buying marketplace you can find, and place an order for as many links as you can get your hands on. You’re guaranteed to tank your rankings sooner than later. Whether you build the links yourself, or purchase them from a reputable seller, there are a few ways you can “vet” the links to make sure they’re going to help your rankings over the long term, rather than tank them in the short term. Remember, as with everything else SEO related, these aren’t hard-fast rules.  You have to use your own judgement and intuition, but the rules