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Blogging, Backlinks and Traffic – A Run-Down For Someone Who’s Never Used The Internet Before

Let’s start with a couple of questions.

  1. What is blogging?

Blogging is :p I don’t know.

  2.What would it invovlve?  Yaaay.. yahoooooo.. I know

You have to master the following skills to be a professional blogger.

Well before the five steps you got to do one seemingly simple thing-

Step zero:  “Come up with your site concept and plan your work”: think of your website/blog idea and what will it all be about.

  1. Keyword research: Keyword research helps you to target your audience. If your site/blog is about “public speaking” you will want to find keywords like “how to avoid stage fear” “how to become an orator” “how to speak confidently” . So, keyword research is identifying these long tail keywords. And, wait. I repeat keywords are the crux of your business. (but how do you identify keywords?) chill. I will tell you.
  2. Setting up the web site (you might have to spend some bucks here.haha. happy shopping :P)
  3. Buy domain name (namecheap.com. godaddy.com)
  4. Host it on some server – try not to use anything advertised as “SEO hosting” – it just means a lot of domains on an overused server that all get killed when Google decides to deindex all the domains on what it deems is a website farm.
  1. Content creation (continuous  process!, can be automated.)

Go write sharable shit.


  1. Content marketing (continuous process!, can be automated. )

“The immediate thing that you have to do, after doing something good is to tell it to everybody   -A quote by some random billionaire.

  1. Blog monetization. (money is sweeter than honey):

How do you make money out of your site?

So, yeah these are the five skills that you would require to become a professional blogger. That’s it the more you do it. The more you master it.  I didn’t talk about one kick-ass skill that you have to learn SEO.  That might get you confused. You wanna get confused? Go get confused. Here.

Having talked about the steps involved in professional blogging. Now let me tell you about the types of blogs that you could set up and start downloading dollars!.

  1. Passion blogs :

Overview: These are the sites where   people talk about what they  love to talk about , eg: there are people who talk about lucid dreaming, cake baking,  chocolate making, wine preparation, public speaking.   They talk all about that in their blogs. Prime income will be from selling their own digital products as there will be loyal visitors to their blog.  Citizens who are running this kind of blogs usually run only one blog and dedicate their time and energy completely into it.


  1. Tech blogs: This is where the true shit is. Allmost all the guys who run this tech blogs. What they do is write about topics like “how o install whatsapp on pc.” “how to install utorrent in windows” “how to download videos from YouTube”. “top 10 mobiles in 2014” shit like that. Tech blogs is a highly competitive niche. But everyone will get traffic to their site. Lol. And, this is where most of the dudes start their blogging career from. Primary source of income wil be banner ads, as all you get here is a flock of sheep. But yeah. This is a good place to start with

p.s. I am not offending true tech blogs.

  1. Multi niche blogs: huge 100’s of pages of content

             These are the blogs that cover shit loads of topics. Usually is a newspaper kind of thing. They try to cover everything under the sun, and have multiple authors.  Again are monetized by ad sense and banner ads.

  1. Amazon product micro niche blogs.(mini review site, mini top 10 sites)

This is where you build a site by writing some 10-20 articles about a product (eg:dumbbells, survival knifes, etc.)  . It usually takes less time to build and make money, provided you do the keyword research correct. People, who involve in this, usually build some 20-30 niche websites and enjoy passive income out of those in the long run.

  1. Event blogs: After 3 month from today is independence day. What I do is, I   buy an expired domain  with keywords  related to independence day and after purchasing the domain, I write some 30-40 posts about “ independence day America “ and make sure that my site pops up onto the first page of ggole when some one hits indiependnce day _____ .  . yeah that’s how it works. If you do it right you  will be making shit loads of cash in days.
  1. Adsnese mini/niche blogs : These are the same as amazon niche sites. But are monetized with adsense accounts. And, the keywords you target will be high cpc keywords under a specific niche.
  1. Clickbank niche blogs : same as amazon , but you will be building your site with keywords like “how to loose fat” “how to grow weight fas for men” etc. instead of targeting keywords like “best dumbbells” “best nanny bread baskets!”

Whichever the blog you are doing. You have got to undergo all the below mentioned five steps. (initially )

Step – by- step bullshit to set up a blog.

Step zero.

Coming up with site concept:

Dear citizen,

This is the first and foremost step that you have to undergo to set up any kind of blogging. (*robot speaks)

You have to select broad area, that 1. You are interested in, 2. That you can make money out of

TO tell it the other way.

  1. Interest/passion (need not be really passion. Interest will do)
  2. Commercial viability. Best way to check is . go to google.com and type in how to lose fat. Now…you will see. A bunch of purchased results. That is, companies/individuals are paying to rank for this term. Which means?  If you could rank for that key phrase.  You are going to make some dollars. J .

Make sure it fulfills the above criteria

Eg:  1st – I love many things. But I like these the best. Public speaking, parkour, karate.

Now, I have to sit on one of these.  I am going for parkour , because that  tempts my ass better than anything else.

Now, after choosing park our… What thou have to  do is ..Google and learn more about the topic-park our(spend a couple of hours doing that) and figure out what people are talking in that niche and get a better  idea about what the niche is in detail.

By now there would be some keyword floating in your brain.  Let them float.

Step 2: Keyword research:

Now.. Dude… your broad niche is park our. Now you have to do keyword research. Bitches what the F*** is keyword research?  Alright it’s simple. You find 20-30 lines (long tail keyword/key phrase) that people are Googling for  eg: “ how to learn park our” “how to do flip jump” etc.  And you get twenty such sentences and put it in a word file or excel.

You will choose those kinds of keywords that 1. People are searching for (since you are a beginner and would not want to over complicate shit, find words. Doing 1.300-700 monthly searches) .   2.  That has less completion. Google “how to flirt with a girl” and see the competition It’ gigantic. But wait did I tell you how to find the keywords that people are searching for and what tools do you need to do that? Nope. I am such an A-Hole. Damn it.


Free tools :

  1. Google keyword tool

Paid tool:

  1. Long tail pro.
  2. Market samurai.

Once you complete the above two steps , you would be  having

  1. A clear idea of what your site Is going to be. (the layout of your website. The menu buttons on your site. (eg: urban-parkour, blog, best parkour videos, about me, contact us, etc..)
  2. A bunch of key words that you want to rank for .
  1. Setting up the site. It’s so freaking easy.. It only takes literally a couple of hours. (setting up a site is easy,  and I advice you to create content first (step4 ) and set up your site.

There are three steps :

  1. Buying domain name

Domain name is your website address.eg; citizensez.com , you can just go and buy your domain name here (godaddy.com,namecheap.com) .

Again got any doubt? Ask it here.

  1. Buying hosting.

This is cheap. But yeah. Relatively expensive. When you are buyinh hhosting , you are basically buying the space on web hosting compnay’s servers’ storage space(hard disk!).

You can buy it here (hostgator, bluehost, googiehost)

Again … got any doubts ask me . here

Step 4: wait, before  we go to step 4, lets boast of what we have now, that we don’t have before reading till here.. J

  1. Site concept -what is the site about , what does it look like ..etc.
  2. —the secret sauce. A bunch of keywords that you would be writing blog posts about.
  3. Your own website. “yo.. Bieber.. you speak as if you are the only one who’s got a website .  Now, Me got one too.. “

Content curation:

This is where the folks are trapped… they read all the available shit that’s there on the internet about blogging, they go and buy a domain name and hosting and think they are big deal. Cez (I amsez, and I call my reader’s cezs J) cez, listen..

This is “the pain in the arse” stage. You have got to bend your ass and keep working . But trust me, harwork pays off.

So… You have those 20-30  long tail keywords (eg:how to flip jump on wall”)  right..

Now what you are going to do is start writing articles  on each of those topics.  You  can write a couple of articles a day (avg.length 800-1000 words)  that would take 3-4 hours daily. Learning about a topic and writing on it. And, after 15 days you will be having  30 posts on your site. Which is plenty J.  It’s good to write articles a day . but is it good to publish 2 articles a day? Google loves blogs that are updated frequently.. so what you are goin to do is thugh you are writing 2 posts a day. Save it in a doc file. Publish a new post once or twice in a week. That would make Google love your blog.

Wait, you might have a doubt.  How do you make your url/blog post show up on google first page. When someone is goggling it ?

That is what you call SEO (search engine optimization) – that’s a skill, for which there is a billion dollar (that’s 1000 million dollar) market literally.  Let me tell it in short. There are parts in search engine optimization (see). One is on-page see, the other one is (off-page seo). First one is simple. But the second one is complicated as F***.

  1. Site/blog marketing.

Now, after passing all those steps. You have a website that isn’t no skeleton, but is filled with flesh called content/blog posts.

You have built an awesome product (your website/Blog) . But what if no one knows that it exists..? It is gonna be a nightmare. Right? No…. chillax.. I won’t let that happen to you darling J  .(I wish you were a hot chick from a Scandinavian country lol…)

Monetizing the site/blog

A month is over , and mother fucka,there ain’ no penny in my pocket and no bucks in my bag..

Dude……please….. I am telling.. I didn’t ever try to deceive you darlin.

Ok… what you have done in the past one month. Is

Set up a site and put conetnet in it regualry, now you have a bit of trffic coming to your site from various sources.. Now, you have people rushing into your site. Which is an indication of money knocking your doors? (you got that relevant traffic nigga.) . now , it’s time for you to make some money…

Now. You have vistors, you know how to mnetize them. And you did it …

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