We keep it simple, we keep it effective and we show results. Google had a dream for SEO when it started and keeping true to that dream allows us to get the best results for our customers.

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One of us. One of us. One of us.

Become a SERPShip member and aggregate what you get from half a dozen SEO news sites, service websites and forums into one source of information. Less information overload, cleaner sense of well being, total zen and an increased lifespan - all starting benefits of becoming one of us.

We'll Teach You How To SEO The Right Way

If you try to stay on top of what's happening in the SEO industry all the time, it's new information coming at you from all angles. Let us filter out the nonsense and send you the stuff you want to learn.

Each week - we check to see if there are any new SEO trends/strategies for new potential methods to increase your website's SERPs. If we find them - we send them to you.

And if we don't - we write resource guides, walk throughs and how-tos every week focusing not only on today's long term ranking strategies, but on the LOGIC behind them. And every step in the process to using them. And we email those to you too.

´╗┐We'll Equip You With All The Latest SEO Resources

We're not learning and testing the newest SEO strategies to see what makes them tick so we can put them in a zoo, eat them or save them from becoming extinct.

We learn about these strategies to create the best, customized SEO tools and resources - so that SERPShip agency and entrepreneur members are always a step ahead of any competition, ever.

When we have something new with potential - members get to beta test it first. When it's proven - members get permanent discount, for being members. First we teach you how SEO works, and what tools are required - and then we equip you with the latest SEO arsenal.

It's A Community. And It's FREE.

Did your online community dry up? Are you browsing those "WHERE DO PEOPLE DISCUSS STRATEGIES" threads with a sinking, hopeless feeling?

Reality is - the communities that share useful information are all private. Because once you have a good mastermind group - why would you need to ruin it by enlarging it?

So why not join the SERPShip community? We're the same way - we only share our finds/brainstorming with our clients/members. Only difference is we haven't gone underground and private yet.

Oh and, did we mention it's free? If you're tired of paying monthly fees for "private communities" that are more ghost towns than informational groups - that's just one more reason to sign up.

We don't spam you with random promos. That would defeat the point of this "aggregated less-information-overload" feed.