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This post is a bit out of the ordinary for our blog since we only post SEO information on it so you guys can read and act to improve your website rankings.So what this posts is all about then?

Well its about our first major update that we did so our clients can enjoy our work even better.We had to make a whole post about it because we did made some major and important changes to our site and services.

So let get straight into what we changed before you get bored with a long intro.

#1. We Are Now Officially A Closed Network

Going into 2017 after many of our clients said that we should keep our links more private we decided to finally close the doors to our main link building service the Blog Synergy Network. What this means?

The blog synergy network is an application only service from now on, which means your links are even more safe and our relationship with the clients are even more close.

We've been on the scene long enough to have the choice of who we enjoy working with - and implementing this more selective client process will mean several new benefits for our existing clients.

To get into the service first you need to subscribe to the waiting list we have on the homepage, after that if we approve you you can use the service with ease.

#2.New And Improved TAT Times

I know we have said it before various times, our clients have asked us various times before, now we are really doing it.

Our TAT has gone down from 10/14 days to only 7 days now. You don´t have to wait anymore for results,reports and links for a month.We know some of our clients like slow TAT to keep it natural but most of them want fast TAT and right now we are really committing to it for them.Because we're only working with the customers we enjoy building links for.

#3.New And Improved Inventory, Comes Now With Standards

We've selected only the best of our available inventory - in terms of Moz/Majestic metrics and Referring Domains. All backlinks will now come from properties with quality stat minimums.

We will keep this inventory separated from all the other services we offer or we will offer in the future.We keep a close eye on this sites/blogs because these are exclusive.No other vendors, gurus or providers have access to these sites/blogs.

#4.A Client Dashboard And Support Ticket System

This as been asked by our clients various times before and we finally did it.As of now our most trusted clients will have access to our brand new client dashboard.All our approved Blog Synergy Network clients will have access to it as soon as they join.

You can check you rankings and monitor all the backlinks we build to your site.On top of that we added an awesome support system ticket that you can use to get faster response time from our team.Our dashboard has some other awesome features like social media tracking,call tracking and ppc tracking but those will be open only on request.

The login to you client dashboard will be sent by email as soon as you join our Closed Blog Synergy Network.

#5.Pure focus. Since we only deal in backlinks.

We cut out all the secondary services we sold and are now exclusively providing backlinks. Other providers can't match our backlink quality - so go to them for your web 2.0 packs and press releases - and come to us for the best quality backlinks to rank with.

#6.An active blog. With interesting content.

We're finally committed to actively updating our blog with interesting content. But this feature's available to everyone - not just our customers.Please check it out and give us a like or share if you like what you see/read.


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