We keep it simple, we keep it effective and we show results. Google had a dream for SEO when it started and keeping true to that dream allows us to get the best results for our customers.

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Our In-House Solutions Include Everything
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If you want to the best in your niche - you can't use the same SEO services and strategies everybody else uses. How can you expect different results from using the same resources as your competitors?

All SERPShip services and products are developed in-house by us, for our clients. From our SEVERAL THOUSANDS-strong Blog Synergy Network to our natural progression Web2.0 Safety Nets, we build it from scratch, always with the purpose of long-term, whitehat SERP improvements.

Blog Synergy Network Niche Edits

Getting tired of "private blog networks"? Nine out of ten PBNs are created and grown for the purpose of later selling backlinks - and Google places a lower value on such websites and networks without notifying anyone.

SERPShip's Blog Synergy Network has been around for over 4 YEARS and is one of the first, and the largest non-connected network of blogs and websites in every niche under the sun, owned by hundreds of independent bloggers and webmasters. There are no footprints, and there every property in the network was made a few to a dozen years ago by a blogger or webmaster who just loves to blog - creating great, natural, niche-relevant content Google loves.

All you do is submit your website, preferred niche and keywords - and we comb our network for relevant aged posts about the niche - pick the best ones and create a naturally flowing edit within the article including your link and anchor text.

These are the "secretsauce" whitehat backlinks that create lasting results and which all the SEO industry leaders blog about. We know, quite a few of them are Blog Synergy Network customers.

Need A Customized Mega Pack?

Need a customized combination of a few of these services created into a Mega Pack tailored to your niche and website? Email me anytime - or hit me up on Skype so I can answer any questions and start putting your custom Mega Pack together.

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