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These are the 'secret sauce' backlinks everyone loves.
And this page is where you order them.

So what's a blog synergy network?

A blog synergy network is simply a massive group of independent websites/blogs that are completely un-related to each other. Sounds a lot like a "private blog network", right? Except the differences are:

1. Properties in a blog synergy network may make up of 100s-1000s of individual bloggers/webmasters websites. Forget trying to connect IP and theme footprints when you're using a network built by a 1000 different people. You can't connect a 1000 unique minds blogging for their own pleasure.

2. The blog synergy network isn't grown for SEO purposes. The thousands of websites/blogs in the network cross into EVERY NICHE, and are managed by their own authors. They update their properties at their own speeds, with their own unique content - with no marketing-related intentions for their properties (before we reach out to them). These make for the highest quality, most authentic whitehat backlinks Google always hoped to see SEOers using.

3. The most natural mix makes for the most natural SEO. Getting 10 links from a PBN with 10 car-themed blogs is NOT as effective as getting 10 backlinks from 10 articles ABOUT cars on a website/blog that has years and years of content/natural authority buildup in cars and all surrounding niches. Google loves these websites, knows they're 100% real and shows love to the properties they link to.

SERPShip began (7 years ago) and continues to run 
the first and largest blog synergy network available.

Here's the lowdown on it.

These are not guest posts.

These are not invasive links. These always pass manual tests. We do not write full article guest posts for this service, but NICHE EDIT old ones. 

This means when you order 5 backlinks for your moneysite - we take your niche, cross reference the keywords across the thousands of posts, on the thousands of blogs in the network - and find ones with the relevant keywords in it. Then we hand-edit the article with a naturally flowing sentence to include your anchor text and URL.

As soon as the robots re-index the article (which happens very quickly since any natural, aged site gets crawled multiple times per day) - you get to see the stupefying power of the linkjuice coming from those niche-relevant articles to your property.

This is the extremely powerful "secret sauce" stuff SEOers keep quiet about, and continue to rank with.

You can set it and forget it.

Pick a monthly package and we'll notify you when your subscription is almost at an end so you can adjust the amount of SEO your moneysite/company site needs based on the results with an email.

Let us be your SEO service notifications so you can focus on growing your business.

These are the "hard to get"
whitehat backlinks gurus blog about.

It's time consuming work to reach out to hundreds of bloggers/website owners every week and discuss contracts with them to add them into a mega-network Google can't touch.

This requires scraping new, relevant targets by the thousands - sorting them through by hand to find the potential "good" ones - and then contacting all of them/working out a deal they're happy with to allow link placements.

We've been doing this time consuming work for 4 years now, so you can leave the SEO struggle to us while you focus on new niche tests and better monetization.

The links work. Very freakin' well.

It works, because SEO agencies love these backlinks for local ranking and reputation management, and affiliates love them for their niche relevance and natural flow, which ranks them well and for long periods of time.

Whether you're looking to create a custom-tailored SEO package for your local dental or locksmithing client - or just looking to rank your own Amazon properties reviewing the newest women's portable laser hair removers - these are the choice links you have to try before anything else. Mostly because you won't care about other obsolete services afterwards.

The Blog Synergy Network concept isn't difficult. 
And our delivery process is laughably simple.

Step 1

Submit your URL, keywords and your niche if you want. It takes about 30 seconds in total.

Step 2

You're done. Now we take care of everything.

                              Step 3

​You just saved yourself hours/days of digging for quality whitehat backlinks.

Step 4

​We take some time to harvest niche relevant articles for your moneysite - from the thousands of posts, on thousands of blogs. After the harvester gives up a white flag of surrender, we sort out the best articles for your order - and hand edit them to integrate your anchor/URL in a natural sentence flow.

Step 5

​Watch your rank tracker as magic happens. When you get used to having to use link pyramids and 5 tier structures to rank, a dozen precision-placed backlinks creating the same effect will make you jump for joy.

                              Step 6

Jump for joy and start from Step 1 again.

It looks, smells, sounds and quacks like a duck - and it'll duck right through any and every Google manual review ever.

Here are a few industry leader SEOs who
continues to enjoy Step 6 of our process :

​Carles Floate


​​​SERPShip is one of the best services I've seen. Gigantic blog network with tons of different niches and very good stats. I've bought the 10 links package purely to see what kind of links I get. So far they've been amazing! I'll be picking up a ton more very soon.

Most of the sites have very low OBL, all of them have homepage links and the sites themselves are all niche relevant. Quality service especially for the price.



​​​S​A little about this - these aren´t default 2012 WordPresses. One of the worst things i have with other providers is yoy can tell that they didn´t take the time to even put a custom theme, which is a true sign of laziness. Every site here has unique design with no interlinking footprints at any level. These are high PR domains, aged and all have their own unique power to them.

​If you can´t buid your own PBN, go with people you trust. I´ve trusted my domains and rankings with SERPShip for years!

​​Future Proof SEO

​​Natural Networks

​​​The description of SERPShip service was something I found very interesting, and so I was really looking forward to reviewing the service. So, lets get into it :

4/5 of the domains had real, verified pagerank, one domain was even a PR5! Average DA 30, up to 40. The archive of these domains are perfectly clean. In fact these domains are that good, I'm almost positive that some of these are real business websites, or old websites, and if they aren't then it's the best PBN I've ever seen! This will increase your rankings, and I'm 100% sure these domains would pass a manual, and algorithmic review. Definitely recommend to all

​There are ​TWO types - the regular backlink packages, and the higher RD packages. This allows people just starting out to get in the game without habing to have a MASSIVE budget!

​Below, you can order the regular links :

5 Pack

5 Niche-Relevant Placements

  • 1 RD 15-50 link
  • 2​​​​ RD 50-150 links
  • 2 RD 150+ links

Permanent placements, not monthly rental price.
Hand edits - no robots.


20 Pack

20 Niche-Relevant Placements

  • ​6 RD 15-50 link
  • ​8 RD 50-150 links
  • ​6 RD 150+ links

Permanent placements, not monthly rental price.
Hand edits - no robots.


10 Pack

10 Niche-Relevant Placements

  • RD 15-50 link
  • RD 50-150 links
  • RD 150+ links

Permanent placements, not monthly rental price.
Hand edits - no robots.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many backlinks per article will be edited in?

Each article will contain ONE of your chosen URLs/anchors. It will be written into a naturally-flowing sentence integrated into the article. Basically, you'd probably never even know that was a manually placed backlink unless someone pointed it out.

Do the blogs have spun content?

No. Part of the core concept of a blog synergy network are the hundreds/thousands of individual bloggers/webmasters running these properties for their own leisure. And labor of love blogs/websites always have the best content because the writers are passionate about the subjects. The articles vary in length, containing of pictures, everything. Like a normal, regular website NOT MADE for SEO purposes would have.

Can I provide my own content?

No. We think "guest posting" on front pages of blogs is not only invasive, but blatently obvious that the property its on is a PBN blog selling some sort of SEO service. Google values these sites lower instantly, and without telling anyone. We edit your anchors/URLs into aged niche relevant content posts - providing much more actual linkjuice power and looking completely natural.

How often do you get new websites into the blog synergy network?

Every week. After 4 years of doing this - our process is extremely planned out and systematic. More blog owners and webmasters agree and sign on every week, so you can definately order multiple niche edit packages for the same properties without fear of duplicate domains.

Do I get a report?

If you want. The only ACTUAL way any SEO network of anything can be connected together/devalued is if the details of the network are blatently passed around - so we DO prefer for you to watch Majestic/Ahrefs/your preferred backlink tool and see the links come in naturally over the following weeks, but we definately provide reports upon request. If you're not showing off your cool, new backlink sources to any malicious people (or preferably anyone) - we trust you with that.

Can I combine this service with your other services?

Yes - we can custom-tailor a Mega Pack for you. Hit me up on Skype right now - or throw me an email (I check emails throughout the day but I'll see the Skype request instantly) and we can discuss what your goal is for your website/websites and which services make the most sense to stack together for long-term results.

Can I ask you something else?

No. Just kidding. Add me on Skype/shoot me an email and I can provide you with any additional information you need. Including some samples if you need a looksee before making your decision.

​​It´s time to kickstart your SEO!