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GMB Listing Optimization

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BE CERTAIN that your business (or your client's business) is visible ​on


Many local businesses (even ones with little or no SEO knowledge) are aware of GMB listings, and how easy it is to get traffic if your business is listed, without having to do much else. Today, you don't have to know much about internet marketing to know you can list your business with GMB and get free marketing and traffic. This being such common knowledge, being listed above your competition comes down to CORRECT OPTIMISATION of your Google My Business listing.


GMB submissions may be easy to learn, but they're hard to master... unless you use our service.

An unoptimized submission will always mean someone is above you, no matter what spot you land on. Our GMB optimization process is based around the Brian Willie's Mappacks course - one of the most elaborate modern GMB optimization guides available, ensuring out process is modern and will generate you modern results, even enabling you to beat the Possum filter!

Each listing optimization pack comes with 500 words of native content about the business specifying it's features, benefits and charms so it doesn't look a generic submission (little known fact, this is a very important optimization factor for being listed higher).

But just one thing - we can't GUARANTEE you a 3-pack listing, and honestly anyone guaranteeing it to you today is lying to you.

Unfortunately, we cannot verify your listing for you or your client because it requires someone to PHYSICALLY pick up the piece of mail with verification code from the address on the Google My Business listing. 

We can help you with the rest of the process before and afterwards though including doing the entire submission process on your behalf, and even verifing your listing for you AFTER you receive your confirmation letter from Google to the address on your behalf. We try to make the process as hands off for you as we can, which we feel is the best offer any service provider can give you!

Here's the GMB optimization process we'll take your site through...

We research the business you submit for GMB optimization.

We make sure all the little details that place your GMB listing above others are correct, such as making sure they Google Maps derived address and the address of the ACTUAL business are the same [a common error which causes huge placement issues if done incorrectly], confirming there's no overlap of service locations through exact longtitude/latitude positions so that Google doesn't confuse the exact location of service [making it impossible to verify your listing with the physical confirmation they send - another common issue], etc.

We optimize and confirm your actual GMB listing.

We ensure the business information and Google maps information correspond in real-time with identical data.

Afterwards, we do competition research and create a list of categories and SUB-categories applicable to your business to extend your reach past your initial reach goals, since Google sees something like 'dental clinic' and 'dentist' as different categories - which we wrap up to include for you in your optimization [mining down into the niche for you].

​After all this is done - we flesh out your attached mini-sites with the relevant information of the GMB listing being optimized.

Creating an about page for the GMB listing, linking to NATURALLY OCCURING [a gaming site doesn't make a Yelp account anymore than a cleaning service makes an account on Deviantart] social media and web 2.0 properties, including the Business.Google.com mini-site for the business being listed.

After quality assurance to make sure your listing was optimized as much as possible - you receive a full report detailing everything to review or return to your client.

We've optimized 100s of local businesses so far - and they've all seen significant improvements in their listing positions and more importantly, overall traffic. We haven't had a single optimization that didn't help a business.

Ready to optimize your GMB listing?

All we need from you is your maps listing access details to get started - which you can detail in your order.

The average turnaround time is about 14 days - and when we're done, YOU RECEIVE a full report detailing all optimizations made.

If you've got any questions before ordering - you can contact us in the box to the right and I'll respond shortly!

​GMB Listing Optimization

  • ​Setup GMB Page
  • ​Compretition Research
  • ​Onpage Optimization
  • ​Offpage Optimization
  • ​Great For Local Bussineses


​What You Get :

Set Up Your Google My Business Page With Unique, Keyword Optimized Content

Competition Research To Ensure Every Detail Is Meticulously Taken Care Of

Off Page Optimization To Beef Up Your Local Listing In SERPs

  • Web 2.0
  • ​Blog comments
  • ​Social signals
  • Forum Links
  • And More!

    On Page Optimization ​For Your Chosen keywords
  • Confirm NAP (Name, Address, Phone)
  • Do Consistency Checks
  • Category Selection Based On Competitor Research
  • Set Up GMB About Me and Business Page
  • 500 Words Unique, Keyword Optimized Content

​​It´s time to kickstart your SEO!