We keep it simple, we keep it effective and we show results. Google had a dream for SEO when it started and keeping true to that dream allows us to get the best results for our customers.

Our Services

Modern, content-rich LOCAL lead generation sites that you can actually RANK.

Made for you from scratch and customized to your brand and geo-location.

The perfect lead generation site is made up of 3 requirements – rankability, conversion rate and overall design.

If you’ve bought a service to have a lead gen website made for you before – you’ve probably experienced that 99% of the time – only 2 out of the 3 requirements are met. Pretty designs and up being over the top and affecting conversions, or being unrankable. Websites that are structured to rank end up looking like ugly, old 2005 above-the-fold lead gen forms, etc.


We are the 1% – the local lead generation websites we build you have all 3 requirements.

Since SERPShip is all about bringing our clients, new and old, high quality in-house products – we’ve spent the last few months creating and perfecting a process to crank out MODERN looking, locally RANKABLE, highly CONVERTING websites for your business, or your agency to serve your clients.


Our lead generation website builds are sleek and modern.

Each design is customized to your niche and locality. No PBN-looking, basic templates or THIN looking layouts. No matter what niche you’re looking to generate leads in – we’ll make the website “feel” comfortable for that demographic – granting you conversions. We’ll also ensure that your website looks beautiful across ALL platforms such as mobile, tablet, etc – as we’re seeing more and more lead generation occuring via mobile traffic and want to keep you ahead of your competition.


We build your site to convert.

Let’s face it – the most beautiful website won’t get you conversions if you forgot to place call-to-action buttons in the right places. We’ll take care of that for you – optimizing your layout to convert after we finish making it look and feel niche-pretty.


And mostly importantly – this website will rank exactly where you need it to.

Doing our research – we were shocked at how many LEAD GENERATION website builds are built generically, not tailored to the geo-area they’re trying to get leads from in the first place. Which is why we made sure to go one step further than anyone else with the optimization of your lead gen site build – ensuring that you rank exactly where you need to.


Here’s how your lead gen website building process works:

The research is 2-part, looking at your actual local area (and surrounding towns/cities/buroughs/etc) you’re looking to rank in – and looking at your competitors currently ranking in those geo-locations.

We then create a website structure that we’ll be building for you – looking typically something like this:



Areas served pages will cover all the surrounding sub-areas you’re looking to generate leads from, and the brand pages are essentially a “competitor brand name hi-jacking” tactic (totally allowed) – where articles like “Why we are better than Brand XYZ” or “Read this before hiring Competitor X” are written, allowing Google to see another website mentioning the ones they ranked on page 1 for – and indexing it in to eventually bump their position with your article.

We then create 3000+ words of native handwritten content, along with another 2,000-3,000 of filler content – still unique quality content, just about the general niche vs. about he local area. (An easy way to understand this would be that the native handwritten content writes about a plumber in Manchester, the costs and what one needs to know before hiring one – versus the filler content which will articles about basic DIY plumbing tips and how to keep your radiator alive for a longer period of time before having to replace it.)

The websites will all be built in editor-friendly builders such as Divi/Thrive/Beaver/Elementor so that you could add on to your website later if you choose to, without needing to wait for any support.


To summarize – here’s what you get with a SERPShip Lead Generation Website build:

BIG OLD FEATURE LIST IMAGE – the one in Sathish’ word doc he gave me – the image after the typical structure of lead gen site.


Ready to order your first lead gen build from us?

All we need from you is your niche, domain and hosting details (this is a full-service type of service, we set everything up for you) and if possible, maps listing access details so that we can optimize the embedded maps/etc on the lead gen website in the right places.

The average turnaround time is about 14 days for one of these beautiful, converting local builds – and when we’re done, YOU RECEIVE the website all implemented on your hosting, and keyword and content plan for the local niche you’re entering with the website, and a full content report detailing what was written about on your website (ie. covered these areas talking about this or that, or Y competitor, etc – so you don’t have to sit around reading the site if you don’t want to).

If you’ve got any questions before ordering – you can contact us in the box to the right and I’ll respond shortly!





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